Our work: A grandmother recounts her own life story

We all remember times we wished we’d asked our grandparents questions about the family and left it too late. I’ve just been compiling a book of letters written by my father (who died in 1973) to a friend. It’s comforting to feel he touched the pages and to read his words and hear his stories. In the future there won’t be the treasures of old letters to find.

I want my grandchildren to have the opportunity to see, hear and identify family characteristics of their ancestors. We spent several days interviewing myself and my five children. Most importantly, we filmed time spent between myself and each of my thirteen grandchildren. They now have a permanent record of our time spent together which they can show their children and their own grandchildren.

I would recommend this wholeheartedly to any family. Every family is unique and every family has a story to tell.

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