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The parents of actor Tony Head share with him their memories of youth and life in the world of theatre and film. Click here to see a clip.

“This film was not only what I had been hoping to achieve, but was enormous fun into the bargain”

Starting her journey in her English country garden, one woman celebrates the life she shared with her husband. Click here to see a clip.

“It's amazing how quickly you get familiar with the techniques. The film makers become part of your family."


An uncle celebrates his 80th birthday in style, surrounded by his close family and loved ones.
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“I honestly can’t think of a better way of capturing our family’s history than through a film, our children are captivated by it.”

A grandmother recounts her own life story and her memories of the relations before her.
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“I would recommend this wholeheartedly to any family. Every family is unique and every family has a story to tell.”