Our work: Actor Tony Head with his parents

Some time ago, at my request, my parents tried to interview each other on audio tape to capture some of their memories. The end result was a little odd because you couldn’t see them. I wanted to see the life in their faces and see and hear them tell their wonderful stories.

In Geneus Films I found the answer. Their film was not only what I had been hoping to achieve, but was enormous fun into the bargain. I’ve worked with many crews, and this was one of the easiest and most enjoyable shoots by far. We laughed a lot and looking through old family albums talked about my parents’ childhoods. I discovered things about my family - my grandparents and great grandparents - that I had never known before, and probably would never have known if it weren’t for the filming.

I now have these shared moments to pass on to my children and indeed, their children. Ironically, they won’t need anyone leafing through a photo album trying to explain what their grandparents were like - they’ll be able to meet them on film. It is a truly invaluable legacy.

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