Our work: An uncle celebrates his 80th birthday in style

Our film was a tall order, I wanted to achieve two things: to capture a unique family gathering of four generations and to record the family history. The film achieved both beautifully. It kept the viewers’ attention, and you never knew quite what was coming next.

Having met Karen, I was very relaxed about the day. Other members of the family were more anxious about performing in front of camera and the risk of having an intrusion at a family event. Karen was utterly professional, had done her homework and blended in well. People were discretely taken away for interview, and nobody noticed. Most guests were oblivious of the camera, which was great.

The information in this film will now be passed down through the generations. If you consider all the people who are going to watch it, and the number of times they will do so, the cost is probably no more than a cinema ticket. I honestly can’t think of a better way of capturing our family’s history than through a film, our children are captivated by it.

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