Our work: One woman celebrates the life she shared with her husband

The film making process was an absolute learning curve for all of us. It was enormous fun, and amazing how quickly you get familiar with the techniques and the film makers become part of your family.

I can’t commend their skill enough. The professionalism of the film is as good as I see on the television, and without question, worth every penny. It’s the cost of a great holiday, but unlike a holiday which is now gone, the film can be watched and shared again and again.

When I talk to my grandchildren about my parents I only have photographs to show them. With this film, they now have a record of me at home with their own parents. The whole spirit of the family comes through, the enjoyment, the banter, the affections, it’s palpable and it’s part of their history. I just have still images and the stories, I am hoping that I will leave my grandchildren rather more than that.

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